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2 November 2017

How to choose the type of roof?

Roof tiles are building elements used in the construction of a house and other buildings roofings. The tiles are typically made of ceramic (...) "can be read in Wikipedia ...

But will there be more to know about ceramic roof tiles?

We answer the most common questions:

1. What is the first step to achieving a good roof?

The first step is a design specifically projected for the building. It should be suitable for the style of the building, whether it is residential or not.

2. What is the best roof tile for my house?

This subject will always have several variables to take into consideration like the style of the house, roof slope, and your budget.

Having in mind:

Durability: Chose ceramic roof tiles. A ceramic roofing with proper maintenance can last over 100 years in good preservation conditions.

Economy: Ceramic roof tile is recognized for the economy of materials both in the placement of a new roof and parts replacement of an old one.

Thermal comfort: Ceramic is a thermal comfort-improving material. Centuries of use prove its effectiveness in the insulation of buildings with ceramic roofing.

3. Which characteristics should be examined at the time of purchase?

Geometric Characteristics;

Flexural Strength;

Frost Resistance;


It will also be important to look at some questions such as Aesthetics, Durability, Reliability and water tightness.

4. How to check the quality a roof tile quality?

Through independent certifications. In Portugal, there are certification standards, which independently ensure the quality of both processes and products. When thinking about acquiring a roof tile always check if the supplier has the necessary Quality Certifications

5. Where can I buy ceramic roof tiles?

There are several authorized agents where you can purchase your ceramic tile. Call Sotelha and we will tell which of them is nearest to you.

Ceramic tile: The best protection against winter.

Winter came and brought with it, cold, rain and even ice.

Ceramic tile is an excellent choice for those looking for an option of waterproofness, resistance to rain, cold, ice, snow, wind, among other factors.


Ceramic roof tiles have been used for centuries and its effectiveness is widely recognized.

Ceramic tile is weather resistant, protecting buildings from the action of wind, rain, ice, and even snow. The roof tiles tile is resistant to water and thermal variations, being an effective and worldwide recognized material for covering of buildings.

The ceramic roof tiles are waterproof, a vital characteristic to protect buildings from the action of water and from moisture infiltration.

Last but not least ceramic roof tiles are excellent in building insulation, acting to maintain a stable environment temperature.

Ceramic tile is available in various models. In Sotelha we have a great diversity of ceramic roof tiles and ceramic accessories easily adapting to any type of architecture.

Learn how to save on your energy bill by renovating your roof!

When searching for the main responsible for energy losses the roof is often ignored although it is one of the largest exterior surfaces.

It is precisely through the roof where the greatest energy loss occurs. Deficient or inadequate coverings leads to significant energetic inefficiency. Meaning that during the winter you will have energetic leakage as well as in the summer the reverse process will take place when external heat enters the building both resulting in high thermal discomfort. This problem is very recurring in Portuguese dwellings, especially the older buildings. To offset these losses, it is common to increase energy consumption, resulting directly in increasing the energy bill.

Renovating the roof can be a very important step in achieving eco-efficiency: on one hand, reducing energy costs on the other a significant increase in thermal comfort.

At Sotelha we have different models of roof tiles adapting to different types of construction. Know our range of products on

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